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Just Drive – driver’s education program

I would like to introduce Just Drive, a driver’s education program that was founded in Port Washington, WI in 2005. Currently, just drive operates as a network of driving schools in thirty-four school districts in the State of Wisconsin. Each just drive franchise is a locally owned and operated business providing our service to the communities that we have strong ties with. By operating in this capacity, we feel that we can develop the trust and the relationships with students and parents that are necessary to properly teach each student to be responsible drivers.

Our curriculum was designed and created with today’s learners in mind. It has not only been developed to exceed the Department of Transportation’s Standards for Driver’s Education, but it also incorporates many of the same teaching philosophies used in our Public Schools today. Below is a brief biography on the founders and creators of just drive, inc.

Just Drive’s primary focus, as a driver’s education school, is to present the information to the students in a way they will receive it. We provide an interactive education that brings real life into the classroom. Each of our instructors is licensed by the State of Wisconsin to provide both classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction. In most cases these instructors either serve or have served the community as professional educators, police officers, or teen mentors. In addition to the Department of Transportation’s mandated training, we provide each instructor with additional training in classroom management, conflict resolution, small group dynamics, and discussion facilitation.

Our mission is “educating teens to make safe driving choices”. Let’s have that be your mission too.

If you have any questions about just drive, please feel free to contact Scott Bretl at 262-806-0111 or email [email protected]
Each franchise has their own phone number and you can get that by clicking on the just drive school (city) from the main page on this website.

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