Reply To: Session 19 Blog Video Question

Reuben Berkowitz

From the video, it seems like the teenagers weren’t being reckless, but should have driven at a slower speed due to weather conditions. It was also early and probably dark out, making driving harder. “Reasonable and prudent speed” has to do with the speed one would drive at under special conditions. Just because there is a certain speed limit doesn’t mean that a car should be going that fast, and in weather conditions like those in the video, a slower speed should be taken. Lack of driving experience was likely a factor, as it takes knowledge and experience to be able to drive safely in extreme conditions. Teenagers don’t have the experience to practice defensive driving, so it’s harder for inexperienced drivers to stay safe. The timing of the crash, at 8:30 am, is significant because it was probably darker than usual that early in the morning, making driving even harder.